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YA Indie Author Directory

Nicole Adrianne

Carol Beth Anderson

Bekah Berge

Dawn Brazil

S.R. Breaker

Brittni Chenelle

Mira Crest

Liz Delton

E.V. Everest

Shirley Bear Fedorak

Lyndsey Hall

Tessa Hastjarjanto

Sharlene Healy

Jo Holloway

Kristen Illarmo

Alice Ivinya

Michele Khalil

K L Kolarich

Kasia Lasinska

Day Leitao

Trisha Lynn

H.S. Matthews

K.R.S. McEntire

R.L. Medina

R.L. Perez

Victoria J. Price

Melissa Ragland

Joanna Reeder

Allison Rose

Sara Snow

Rue Sparks
Angelina J Stefford

Shana Vernon

Astrid V.J.

Kristen S. Walker

Emilia Zeeland

Nicole Zoltack

E.V. Everest

E.V. Everest is a tween to teen fantasy author. Ever since she discovered the summer reading program, she's been unstoppable. After all, if books contain worlds, she's pretty much an intergalactic traveler, right?

When she's not visiting other worlds or inventing her own, Evelina enjoys drinking too much coffee, playing her trombone, and petting her four fur babies.

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Nicole Adrianne

Amazon Bestselling autistic author Nicole Adrianne is a full-time volunteer, cat lover, and tech enthusiast. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her four cats. When she’s not busy creating lush dystopian worlds, she’s probably cooking an adventurous new recipe, learning a foreign language, reading a thrilling novel, or watching Star Wars.


Kristen S. Walker

Fantasy author Kristen S. Walker dreams of being a pirate mermaid who can talk to sharks. She's proudly bisexual, Wiccan, a liberal feminist, and lives in northern California with her family and two rescued pets.


Allison Rose

Driven by a lifelong passion for words and reading fantasy novels, award-winning author Allison Rose writes YA fantasy stories featuring otherworldly beings, magic, and strong heroines. She has a BA in psychology and is fascinated by how other people think, but her love for reading and writing is greater. When Allison isn’t writing, she is editing and proofreading the works of others. Allison lives with her husband, collie mix, bunny, and chinchilla in the place of wild weather also known as Buffalo, New York. 


R.L. Perez

R.L. Perez is a YA fantasy romance author, perfectionist, anxious Type A worrier, and proud Hufflepuff. She's been writing books since she was old enough to form sloppy, misspelled words and staple pieces of paper together. She's published three series: the Timecaster Chronicles, the Nightcaster Chronicles, and the Bloodcaster Chronicles - three separate series set in the same world, featuring witches, romance, and time travel. When she's not working on her books, she's either napping, diving into a good book, obsessively watching Netflix, or playing with her two kids. She loves chocolate, loud laughter, and alternative rock music.

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R.L. Medina

R. L. Medina was born in the Amazon, adopted, and raised in the US. At age six, she vowed to hate reading forever. That hate quickly turned to love (or obsession) and by eight she was filling every notebook she found with her own stories. Now a mother herself, she juggles her time between a semi-feral five-year-old and all the quirky, diverse characters that demand her attention. When she’s not exploring all the Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds in her head, she enjoys life with her family in Florida—long walks short trips on the beach to the coffee (brain juice) maker.


Lyndsey Hall

Lyndsey Hall lives on the edge of Sherwood Forest, one of the most magical places in England's history, and the inspiration for her debut novel, The Fair Queen. She grew up surrounded by books, and loved to write from a young age.

She loves to travel and try her hand at new things, but is most at home when curled up in a chair with a cup of tea and a good book, usually accompanied by at least one dog and one dinosaur-obsessed toddler.


Dawn Brazil

Dawn wants to live in a world inhabited by fictional characters. Since the world is not comprised of dreamy book boyfriends, Dawn creates them for everyone to fawn over. She writes Young Adult fantasy and science fiction with romance – always with romance.

When not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book. She also loves to recreate an array of dishes she pulls from Pinterest. Dawn lives in South Texas with her sports-obsessed husband and they have three technology-infatuated young adults. 

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