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10 Indie YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Releases in September 2021

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Every time I'm on social media, I see the same complaints over and over:

My bookish Facebook groups, BookTok accounts, and Bookstagrams only ever talk about the same few series!

Are you ready to discover some incredible, underrated indie-published YA fiction? Then take a look at these 10 new indie releases for September 2021. Now, you and your friends will have fresh stories to obsess over!


Paul Mouchet

Fates revealed, an enemy below, unexpected allies.

Kit, a freshly minted Priest of Titan, steps into a plot that seeks to ruin the northern kingdoms.

When she discovers a secret, buried for millennia, Kit is forced into an impossible situation.

Now, unrelenting adversaries stand between Kit and her entombed god. Defeating her enemies strengthens Kit’s resolve, preparing her to fulfil her destiny.


R.L. Perez

An assassin on the run. An angel through time. A powerful immortal enemy.

Cora Covington, once feared assassin, is on the run with the last remaining survivors of her demon coven. But as she struggles to retaliate against her power-hungry father, she realizes the cost to defeat him is more devastating than she feared.

Vince Delgado walks the line between Reapers and Timekeepers, desperate to get back to Cora. The more he uncovers about the Timekeepers, the more secrets he finds buried within the timeline... until he comes face-to-face with a deadly threat that transcends the laws of time.

Cora and Vince must rely on their skills—and the strength of their love—in order to survive. But when their enemies align, the star-crossed lovers must confront their battles head-on before the world is torn apart.

Even if it destroys them both.


Yolanda McCarthy

Would you choose loyalty or love?

The secretive Forever Institute towers over London. Some say it's a cult, others call it a mafia. To seventeen-year-old Fern, Forever is simply home, run by the scientists who created her. A home she’s never been allowed to leave.

Forever gave Fern everything. A body that will never age. Psychic abilities, if she can work out how to access them. A purpose... Fern will be part of a new dawn for humanity, although she’s never been told exactly how.

Then Fern is contacted by a cryptic telepath from outside the Institute, and learns some dark truths: children are being murdered, and Fern is in danger. She must sort truth from lies, and new loves from old loyalties, if she’s to survive the conspiracy surrounding her. But her new friend has secrets of his own…


Maria Vermisoglou

The supernatural can take lives just easily as it can save them...

Prepare to meet djinns. Mermaids and magic stones and a pack of other enchanting characters through a tangled string of fairy tales that combine adventure, mystery, and the supernatural into a package that is certain to hold something for everyone!


Kira Jane Buxton

In this stunning follow-up to Hollow Kingdom, the animal kingdom's "favorite apocalyptic hero"is back with a renewed sense of hope for humanity, ready to take on a world ravaged by a viral pandemic (Helen Macdonald).

Once upon an apocalypse, there lived an obscenely handsome American crow named S.T...

When the world last checked-in with its favorite Cheeto addict, the planet had been overrun by flesh-hungry beasts, and nature had started re-claiming her territory from humankind. S.T., the intrepid crow, alongside his bloodhound-bestie Dennis, had set about saving pets that had become trapped in their homes after humanity went the way of the dodo.

That is, dear reader, until S.T. stumbled upon something so rare—and so precious—that he vowed to do everything in his power to safeguard what could, quite literally, be humanity's last hope for survival. But in a wild world plagued by prejudiced animals, feather-raising environments, new threats so terrifying they make zombies look like baby bunnies, and a horrendous dearth of cheesy snacks, what's a crow to do?

Why, wing it on another big-hearted, death-defying adventure, that's what! Joined by a fabulous new cast of animal characters, S.T. faces many new challenges plus his biggest one yet: parenthood.


Helena M Craggs

Humans have no idea what lurks in the shadows.

Mortals don't expect to see supernaturals. Their minds rarely consider the possibility, even when it's staring them right in the face. I was one such person... until I met my estranged father.

Let me introduce myself. The name is Carter. Quinn Carter. A witty, laid-back, regular guy, who just happens to be half-demon.

Finding out Dad is a demon king was like a sucker punch to the gut. Seriously, I'm a total biological freak. Meeting him was the catalyst for my life tail-spinning into a new world-a world where things of legend are real.

The one positive about this whole situation is the friends I have made. Good friends. But they too have secrets ... big secrets. They're not exactly your average individuals. Turns out demons aren't the only paranormal creatures out there.

I also need to mention a Vampire Ministry, evil stab-worthy demons, and troubled spirits stranded on the spectral plane. As a consequence, life for my friends and me has become a tad problematic.

You'd be surprised how often supernatural beings are the source behind the headline news in mortal newspapers. And it is our job to sort it out...

Things for my paranormal friends and me are about to get very interesting.


Jenni Ward

On a night when traditions are celebrated, a little magic will help love to blossom.

Mei and Kane have known each other since the start of school, but efforts to get to know each other haven’t gone well for either. Kane didn’t plan on causing a fire in the science lab, and Mei didn’t expect to knock over the new library display.

When both end up at the same stall at the August Moon Festival, the mutual attraction isn’t missed by a certain old lady. She gifts them a bottle of elixir, and thinking it’s just lemonade, both Mei and Kane drink it.

Transported and trapped in an empty Adelaide, the two teens have just hours to solve a series of riddles. They will need to work together because if they fail, the portal to home will be closed for a year.

Will a fateful tale repeat itself, or will love conquer all?

A sweet YA romance that fans of Your Name and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time will enjoy.


E. M. Leander

Nora finds herself a fresh start in a new school, in an exceptional place. Her school year will find her exploring the Jovian moon, meeting aliens from strange worlds, and flying spaceships, all while juggling the usual teenage struggles of friendships, peer pressure, and love. In a place that feels familiar and fantastic all at once, Nora will forge her own path as the dark secrets of this scientific utopia begin to unravel.

Note: This title was released in August 2021, but the paperback version will be made available in September 2021.


YA SFF Authors

A Limited-Time Collection of YA Stories

Are you ready for an adventure?

Travel to eleven fantastical lands and experience adventure, mystery and romance that will leave your heart pounding for more. Catch the eye of the Prince by dancing at the Christmas ball. Join a vampire coven rebellion and resist a siren's song. Try your hand at being a barista while matchmaking a water nymph and mortal. What could go wrong? Stare down the beasts in the woods, or become a Queen trying to stitch together a life in tatters. Defend children from deadly shadow creatures and try your best not to get eaten. Oh, and you really shouldn't steal that mysterious substance in the lab... Each adventure is crafted by USA Today Bestselling, award winning, and up and coming authors.


Nicole Adrianne

Evil stepmothers aren't born—they're made.

After a devastating plague nearly destroyed humanity, Vespera never expected to leave the safety of her rural homestead. But the ruling royals chose her to help repopulate the kingdom's capital city, and a single peasant girl can't defy a power-hungry new government without a death wish.

Things go from bad to worse when, instead of rewarding her loyalty as promised, the city officials doom her to a life of servitude and labor in the lowest class of society. When blind obedience to her rulers leaves her unemployed, homeless, and estranged from her family, Vespera’s attempt to change her fate and avenge the peaceful life she lost leads to even more trouble.

Because in a city swarming with nobles, soldiers, and rebels, revenge will come at a desperate cost...

If you can't get enough of Grimms' twisted Fairy Tales and Kiera Cass' The Selection series, then this is your next addicting read.

Grab a copy of Girl in the Dark to start this chilling, villainous royal dystopian fantasy story today!


This article was written by Nicole Adrianne.

Nicole Adrianne is an autistic author living in Stockholm, Sweden. She writes lush, compelling, and clean YA dystopian fiction. Check out her work by clicking a book cover below.


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