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18 New Adult/Adult Cozy Fantasy Reads to Curl Up With

Have you ever just wanted to curl up with a fantasy book that you were sure would delight you? How about one that pairs well with a mug of your favorite beverage and just seeps into your heart and soul?

This is what cozy fantasy does to you. These are books that have low to no triggers, low tension, may or may not have low stakes, but in the end, you know you’re going to feel good and comforted.

These charming cozy fantasy reads may involve humor, adventure, Victorian societies, baking, romance, and enchanting magic, or they can be their own quirky mix of quaint and fantastical themes. But they all provide that cozy feeling that means you’re safe throughout the entire book.

And when these books are of the new adult or adult variety, they come with adult themes such as career changes when you’re worn down, settling down with your soulmate, achieving academic greatness, embarking on quirky adventure, or finally giving into that urge to just open a book store or coffee shop. These cozy fantasy reads may even contain some spice.

Below are my eighteen new adult/adult cozy fantasy reads to curl up with. Enjoy.

by Heather Fawcett

Pride and Prejudice-esque, academia, faeries reminiscent of the Folk of the Air series, tricky magic, romance, academic rivals to lovers

by Aelina Isaacs

Magic, an immortal, m/m romance, found family, soulmates, guy witches, magical coffee shops, villains with vendettas against cheese makers, moving tattoos, grand puzzles, and second chances at love and life

by Travis Baldree

All the cozy feels, post-adventure settling into “normal” life, so many delicious coffee and treats, a cute rodent baker, village tension, marketing troubles, storyline that will tug at your heartstrings, a dash of sapphic romance

by Rebecca Thorne

A former assassin and a magician open a book/tea shop, f/f romance, griffons, a tyrannical queen, village lords at odds, heartwarming friendships, bringing a town together

by Morgan Stang

Breathing life into an abandoned bookshop, goblins, a llama merchant, talking bookworms, f/f romance, hilarious, heartfelt, comparable to Legends and Lattes

by C. M. Waggoner

Victorian-esque, trolls, wizard school, mathematical magic, people at war, gender and societal clashes, found family, compelling, clean romance

by A.J. Lancaster

Faeries, historical setting, an illusionist main character, a ritual to choose the next lord gone wrong and (gasp) a female is chosen, an adorable butler, a pinch of m/f romance

by R.K. Ashwick

A bard and a forest spirit uncover a deadly magical threat, comforting, heartfelt, adventure, witty, forgotten folklore, mystical magic, m/f romance

by Megan Bannen

Whimsical, macabre, demigod, zombies, m/f romance, enemies to lovers, donuts, small-town drama, feels like Howl's Moving Castle

by TJ Klune

Enchanting love story, m/m romance, witty, wholesome, dangerous magical children, discovering an unlikely family in an unexpected place, LGBTQIA+ characters

by Sangu Mandanna

Bewitching (pun intended), warm and uplifting, found family, quirky, lovable characters, m/f romance, grumpy/sunshine

by T. Kingfisher

A respectable housekeeper, an ancient warrior bound to a sword, m/f romance, some spice, lighthearted, humorous, a nonbinary character

by Quenby Olson

Miss Mildred Percy (a spinster who does not dance and has long stopped dreaming) inherits a dragon, m/f romance, adventure, found family, Victorian-esque

by Casey Blair

A princess flees her duties, magic tea, baby dragons, found family, uplifting, like a hug

by Freya Marske

Mystery, magic, murder, Edwardian England, compelling yet comforting, witty, enemies to lovers, m/m romance, spice

by L. L. Starling

A bewitchingly cozy, fiendishly funny cautionary tale about the perils of gatecrashing fairy tale kingdoms—particularly ones with drunken unicorns, bored dragons, and sorcerers in tight leather pants, hilarious, slow-burn m/f romance

by Kimberly Lemming

A spice trader ends up on a quest with a fiery demon, spice, m/f romance, hilarious, adventure, friendship, all sorts of fantasy creatures/shifters

by India Holton

Witchcraft, whimsical, Victorian, tender-hearted m/f romance, enemies to lovers, banter, tea


This article was written by Allison Rose.

Allison Rose writes YA fantasy featuring magic and otherworldly beings. Her current series feature a truly unique world of Faerie. Click the covers below to check them out.

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