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3 Reasons Why A Lesson in Vengeance Should Be Your Next Cozy/Creepy Fall Read

A Lesson in Vengeance | YA Book Review

Fall is finally here! The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder (hopefully), and Halloween is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to curl up under a crochet throw blanket and read a good book.

And I have the perfect book to give you thrills and chills. Let me tell you all about A Lesson in Vengeance, a new YA novel by Victoria Lee.

1. Cozy: the all-girls boarding school.

Dalloway sounds very cozy. Imagine an early 18th century school with ivy-covered buildings and creaky wooden floors. Each dorm building has its own identity, and the best one for literary-minded students is House, because Emily Dickinson once stayed there. Only five lucky girls get selected for their own rooms. They cook coq au vin in the kitchen, read Shelley Jackson in the window seats, and drink tea as they take study notes with fountain pens. The book is set during the fall so there are woolen sweaters, falling leaves, and chilly nights.

2. Creepy: the witches.

The school might also be haunted by five girls who were killed for practicing witchcraft. Some students treat the school's history like a game, pretending to hold seances in secret covens and telling each other ghost stories after dark. But for some girls, like Felicity, the witches are all too real... but she can't stay away from the dark magic.

3. Bonus: murder.

Ellis is a prodigy, already a published author at 17. She's at Dalloway to research her next novel about the infamous witches. But Ellis wants to know what she's writing about firsthand. To understand what it feels to commit a murder, she has to practice... But will she take her story too far?

If you like dark academia, occult secrets, and lesbian longing, then A Lesson in Vengeance should be at the top of your TBR!


This article was written by Kristen S. Walker.

Kristen S. Walker is a YA fantasy author and blogger, also known as a book hoarder. Check out more of her work by clicking on any of the covers below.

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