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Meet NA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts!

📚💖 Hi Readers! One of the most frequent conversations we see from our authors and readers is about the line between Young Adult and New Adult books.

As time went by and the YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts' Facebook group grew larger and larger, we had more and more books creep in with older protagonists, spicier romance, and darker themes. We weren't sure what to do about it.

There were questions! There was debate! What really WAS a new adult book? Was spicy YA a thing?! What separated a new adult book from a plain old adult book anyway? (I'll try to answer these questions below.)

What we realized was... we love NA books, but we also wanted to leave room for YA books.

So, we did a thing! We created a new Facebook community, NA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts. We've also added a special section of this blog, dedicated exclusively to NA SFF (new adult sci-fi and fantasy) books. It's a bit sparse now, but our bloggers are enthusiastic to fill it 💖

What is new adult?

  • The term "new adult" wasn't coined until 2009, so this is a rapidly emerging new space! We'll likely see many changes as it continues to grow and evolve.

  • Usually the protagonist is between the ages of 18 - 25

  • Romance may include higher steam levels than YA, including on-page sex scenes

  • May include more explicit language

  • May include graphic violence

Common Elements in New Adult Books:

  • College Students

  • New Marriages/Engagements

  • Navigating Relationships

  • Living with Roommates

  • Starting Careers

  • In a fantasy setting, some of these thing may look a little different, like a paranormal academy for twenty-somethings, a stolen fae bride, a mortal moving in with a vampire, or a grim reaper being called to their first job. 😉

What Authors and Readers Say:

"I feel like it's (new adult) a lot about characters deciding who they want to be and how to get there, whether that's in career, relationships, morality, whatever." - Jo Holloway

"I love New Adult because it has the fast pace of Young Adult with more maturity and adult themes. As a teenager, YA was my sanctuary, but as an adult, it's nice to have a similar refuge to turn to in my reading." - R.L. Perez

Tell us the comments what you think defines New Adult (NA) and what book got you hooked!


This article was written by E.V. Everest.

E.V. Everest is a YA fantasy and sci-fi author, best known for her series, Shadows & Starlight. Check out more of her work on Goodreads.


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