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Want to Meet the Accomplished Authors of Young Adult Sci Fi & Fantasy Addicts?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Would you like to get to know the authors behind some of your favorite YA sci-fi and fantasy books? Do you enjoy games, prizes, and sneak previews? Then, you're going to love our meet the author events. Here's the upcoming schedule for Meet the Authors of YA Sci-fi & Fantasy Addicts.

📚 Save the Date 📚

K.R.S. McEntire - July 11th

(Author of Saving Eden)

Kristen Walker - July 20th

(Author of Reluctant Witch)

S. Breaker - July 25th

(Author of The Curse of the Arcadian Stone)

Jo Holloway - Aug 15th

(Author of Secrets of Green & Gold)

E.V. Everest - August 29th

(Author of Seven Crowns)

Melissa Ragland - Sept 5th

(Author of Traitor)

Yolanda McCarthy - Sept 14th

(Author of A Girl from Forever)

Nicole Adrianne - Sept 19th

(Author of Station Alpha)

R.L. Perez - Sept 28th

(Author of The Cursed Witch)

Alice Ivinya - Oct 3rd

(Author of Feathers of Snow)

Allison Rose - Oct 10th

(Author of Fly Free)

R.L. Medina - Oct 24th

(Author of Princess of the Elves)

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