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Did you love the stories from Ink & Incantation? Ready for more?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Did you love the stories from Ink & Incantation? Ready for more. Check out these related series by the authors of Ink & Incantation.

Ruthless Hearts by E.V. Everest

This story is a part of the Shadows & Starlight series. To read more about the seven royal families, the dystopian world of Bellaton, and the fate of Enora and Castien, start with Seven Crowns (Book #1). These books are set decades in the future, but both Enora and Castien have substantial appearances (and you'll get to see how their story ends).

If you loved the royal court intrigue of Cruel Prince and the sci-fi, interstellar twist of Cinder, this series is for you!

The Sentinel of Braidward Library by Ben Green

The Sentinel of Braidward Library is a standalone adventure set in the world of RIMDUUM. This genre-bending series takes you deep under the Rocky Mountains into the sci-fantasy kingdom of RIMDUUM. A world filled with neon dreams and nuclear magic. A coming-of-age dystopia centered around dungeons, family, and dangerous secrets—with all the young adult cyberpunk feels and plenty of action-adventure to keep you turning the pages.

Becoming Banneret by Jamie Dalton

Curious what Glenda’s vision in her book means and who that girl she saw was? Becoming Banneret is the prequel to the Banneret series and book 1, Woldwalker is already out! Book 2, Dragonborn releases September 20, 2022 as well!

Riwenne & the Haunted Bookstore by Kristen S. Walker

Want more of Riwenne's adventures? Check out the Divine Warriors series for guns, gears, and magical girl mayhem! And she might run into a certain dark-haired exorcist again...

Omens for Wayward Witches by Jessa Lucas

Enjoy the mischief? The witchy shenanigans continue in Spellfall Academy: Spells for Lost Souls! Follow Mika and Sabbath as they gather a band of misfit classmates to pull off some super sketchy—and very dangerous—soul magic. Brooding warlocks, total squad ghouls, and one very angry unicorn await.

A Tomb of Roses by R.L. Perez

Prue’s journey continues in Ivy & Bone. This fantasy romance is a Hades and Persephone retelling with a twist, full of steamy romance, dark paranormal themes, and allusions to Greek mythology. Perfect for fans of Kingdom of the Wicked and A Touch of Darkness.

Curse Yourself by S. Breaker

For fans of the Loki multiverse, The Adam Project, or Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. A slice-of-life, portal fantasy crossover between S. Breaker's two completed YA series: her sci-fi series “Selfless” and her epic fantasy series "The Curse of the Arcadian Stone: Nameless Fay,” this story can be read as a stand-alone or a lead-in to either series with very minimal spoilers.

Books & Secrets by Maria Vermisoglou

Books & Secrets is a story from The Cursed Girl series, featuring a side character. While it’s considered a standalone, there might be spoilers.

Lost in Shadow by R.L. Medina

Interested in learning about the previous events that led the characters here? You can read about Rose and Grayson’s adventures in the GRIMM Academy Series and Princess Maloret is first introduced in the Inner World Series.

Bookwyrm by Sudha Kuruganti

Bookwyrm is a Legend Valley Academy adventure featuring Mal and her friends. The Legend Valley Academy trilogy is the story of Mal Jones, who’s been using her magic illegally—and when the cops catch on, she jumps at the chance to escape by attending Legend Valley Academy, a magical school in another dimension. But the Academy is hiding dark secrets…

Awakening by Nicole Zoltack

It’s not every day you learn you’re the incarnation of magic.

When Crystal learns her birth mother sought witches to conceive her, the fifteen-year-old’s faith is shaken. God isn’t the one answering her prayers. She is.

Try something new!

These YA novels are not connected to Ink & Incantation stories, but they are from the same authors!

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