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☠️ Savage Cover Reveal ☠️

teaser image for Savage

🪶 Looking for something a little different to end your summer reading with? 🪶

Do you love

  • spice

  • enemies to lovers

  • snarky banter

  • villain origin stories (where the villain also gets the girl!)

  • morally gray characters (like, all of them?)

  • forbidden love

  • touch her and die

  • pirates

  • badass women

  • high-stakes adventure

  • dystopian worlds

Then I may have something for you...

cover reveal for Savage

Jameson Briggs grew up in a savage world.

A survivor of the pandemic. An orphan at twelve. A brilliant poet, bullied for his words. A cutthroat pirate, ruthlessly hunted.

But when a disastrous shipwreck leaves him stranded in a foreign city, Jameson finds himself starting over in a world that is savage in a whole new way. Political maneuvering. Deception. Wealth. Beautiful women.

Beautiful, dangerous women.

As his world spirals and he is drawn deeper into the city's web of lies and corruption, Jameson must decide: will he rise above it?

Or will he become a savage?

tropes for Savage

This is a standalone origin story for the villain in my debut New Adult dystopian series, Thalassic. It features a forbidden-love romance between a morally gray pirate and an equally morally gray rich-man's daughter.

You do not need to have read the rest of the series to enjoy this book! In fact, this book makes a great entry point into the world!

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains cheating. This guy is a villain. He is morally gray (and it is a pretty dark shade of gray.) There is also a fair bit of violence, some of it against whales.

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This post was written by Liz Shipton.

Liz is a freelance writer, indie author, and full-time, off-grid, liveaboard sailor. She's currently sailing around the world with her boyfriend and her dog, turning her real-life adventures into YA and NA sci-fantasy books.

You can find the NA editions of her debut dystopian series Thalassic free in KU, or get the YA versions at her website

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