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YA Books with Numbers in the Title

Everyone knows numbers are a reader’s best friend. No? Just me? At least you can appreciate these books with numbers in the title! Here are fourteen to check out.

Most of humanity spends its days inside a video game, OASIS. When the creator of the game dies, he leaves behind an in-game treasure hunt that allows for total control. Will Wade solve it?

A clean anthology of stories that show the magical power of names.

Lily Antony is a young witch playing in a very dangerous treasure hunt across the world with Romeo, but will the final clue lead to treasure or death?

The third in a series about a girl named America Singer. The series is a combination of The Bachelor and Divergent.

In a society where families can only have one child, Ava and her twin sister, Mira, must fight to survive.

Maray is transported to a magical world. Described as The Mortal Instruments meets Narnia.

Three old elves reunite for their last mission full of secrets and challenges.

Book four in a LitRPG series. Erik and Rugrat travel to the Fourth Realm, known as the Battlefield Realm, to train and become stronger.

Nine alien children were sent to Earth to train to save Lorien, their home planet. Three alien children are dead at the hands of evil aliens from planet Mogadore. Number Four knows he’s next and must stay hidden to survive.

Cassie survived the first four waves of alien invaders and is now trying to find her little brother.

Six outcasts in the Grishaverse embark on a dangerous journey to attempt an impossible heist.

Zoey St. John is an orphan living on the streets when she’s kidnapped by Agents who want to train her in the Hive. There, she’s trained as a supernatural peacekeeper but discovers an explosive secret.

Ana is whisked away to another planet and learns she is the long-lost heir of a crown split seven ways. She is thrown into a whole new life with the threat of an assassin looming over her.

An orphan girl, Kalinda, is ripped away from the only life she knew to become the 99th wife of the rajah. She grapples with the forbidden power hidden inside her, especially when facing a tournament to the death.


This article was written by Sharlene Healy.

Sharlene Healy is a YA Scifi/Fantasy/Paranormal author who is best known for her Chimera Skies series. Click the covers to learn more!

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