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6 Exciting Dystopian YA Novels To Finish Before The End of Time

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

If you listen to the news, it sounds like the world is ending every day. But what if the apocalypse really happened and you had to struggle to survive? Could you win the Hunger Games or make it as a Maze Runner?

Whether you're looking for survival tips or just want to escape to something different than your current life, these YA Dystopian books will give you a wild ride.

The Eden Saga #1

Highlights: resistance fighters, magical powers, first love, mutants

A jaded resistance fighter. A magical mutant girl. A quest to save the last beacon of hope in a deadly, dystopian world.

Sixteen-year-old Angela thinks she and her father are the last survivors on Earth. She dreams of adventure and romance but only finds it in books. In the confines of her garden paradise, she’s untouched by contaminants that caused the rest of humanity to mutate into murderous beasts or die. But the lure of the outside world is irresistible.

When a seventeen-year-old boy stumbles upon Angela’s home with news about a thriving community, she dares to leave her garden for the first time. The dystopian society that she finds is deadlier than she expected, and the wardens tasked with protecting the settlement have murderous secrets. Does she have what it takes to stay alive and save humanity in the process?

Selfless #1

Highlights: adventure, parallel worlds, multiverse, government conspiracies

"They're after you. But which you...?"

Mistaken for her imperiled, notorious genius scientist alter ego, Laney's accidental trip to a parallel world could very quickly turn very deadly.

Dr. Laney Carter is a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, awarded for her groundbreaking experimental research on string theory and quantum universes, and then led her team to successfully develop the first working prototype allowing safe, stable and educational inter-dimension travel.

Two months ago, she disappeared. So did the prototype.

So, why are there government trackers hunting down seventeen-year-old average high school student Laney Carter in this parallel universe?

She's totally not a genius, but maybe with the help of one tall, hot, and brooding Noah Donovan, she'll figure it out in time. Before all the worlds end. Or before they manage to delete her from existence...

A unique, fast-paced sci-fi adventure. Mistaken identities. Parallel worlds. Government conspiracies. Out of time. Save the multiverse. Save yourself. Don't get erased. Ready?

The Deathday Chronicles #1

Highlights: friends-to-lovers romance, adventure, post-apocalyptic

In the Grand Alliance of American States… His days are numbered.

I’m Theo, and my deathday is in ten days.

The vivid, poison-green digits burning into my left wrist won’t let me forget it.

I brave my remaining days with my best friend by my side — if only I could bring myself to finally kiss her.

But when I receive a mysterious parting gift from the Government, I’m thrown into a wild hunt for a clue that could explain deathdays. Or stop them.

With time running out, every choice I make could be my last…

Miles & Breaker #1

Highlights: Space station, academy, murder mystery, sweet romance

Two students. Twelve months. One victor.

After prodigy Jada Breaker’s best friend is murdered in a terrestrial terrorist attack, high school is the last thing on her mind. With a shocking piece of evidence in hand, she’s ready to launch her own investigation and find out the truth about her friend’s death: tragic accident, or cruel assassination?

When an unexpected competitor arrives from Earth to challenge Jada’s future and freedom, though, she’ll need an undivided mind to win the fight. If she continues her investigation, she’ll risk losing the future she’s always dreamed of.

But if Jada fails to learn the truth before graduation, a galaxy-wide conspiracy will grow unchecked and destroy everything she’s ever known...

The Winged Beast Chronicles #1

Highlights: dragons, hybrid, magic

Humans are weak. Humans are prey. Humans are slaves. Or humans are dead.

In a world where dragons rule the skies, the land, and the sea, humans struggle to survive.

Seventeen-year-old Tarek is not one to stand back, not after he watches a dragon eat the girl he adores right in front of him. When he fights back, he learns a terrible secret about himself that might change everything.

Because Tarek isn’t just human. And if he has his way, the dragon overlords will begin to feel fear themselves.

Eternal Sorrows #1

Highlights: zombies, magical powers, witches, prophecy

I never dreamed the world would end this way...

Sixteen-year-old Parrish Sorrows is nothing special. She lives in the shadow of her prodigy sister, ignored by her parents and shunned as an outsider at her private school.

But today, everything changes.

Today, on the other side of the country, a portal to another world opens. A man and a witch step through, both tied to Parrish in ways she never could have imagined.

Because of these strangers, an ancient evil awakens, spreading a virus that will kill millions in a matter of weeks. When the dead begin to rise, survivors must battle an enemy they can’t even begin to comprehend.

But as the world is dying, a mysterious power inside Parrish is reborn. A power that proves she was special all along. A power that shows she’s the key to saving what’s left of the world.

...and she’s not the only one.


This article was written by Kristen S. Walker.

Kristen S. Walker is a YA fantasy author and blogger, also known as a book hoarder. Check out more of her work by clicking on any of the covers below.


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