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YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Featuring Bargains or Deals

Like bargains when it comes to your YA sci-fi and fantasy books?

This isn’t a bargain like a 50 percent off sale at the bookstore.

This is a bargain in a sense of a deal between two beings with agreed-to terms, sometimes involving magic, blood oaths, or an otherworldly being. Plus . . . possibly dangerous consequences of not upholding one end of the bargain, ignoring the bargain altogether, or trying to get out of said bargain.

Then there’s the binding magical contracts. Think deal with the devil (insert whatever being you want here).

Who doesn’t love the drama and intrigue of a character being locked into a bargain with another being? These deals very rarely go according to plan.

From the deal that goes wrong to the tricky bargain to the nail-biting I-have-to-save-someone agreement and more, check out this list of YA fantasy and sci-fi books with bargains or deals that will add a little excitement to your life.

Once Upon a Broken Heart

By Stephanie Garber

The deal: The Prince of Hearts will stop the wedding of Evangeline’s love. In exchange, he asks for three kisses to be given at the time and place of his choosing. But is that all he wants?

These Hollow Vows

By Lexi Ryan

The deal: Brie will steal three magical relics from the Seelie Court for the Unseelie king. The Unseelie king promises to free her sister from his captivity. But of course it can never be as simple as that.

Court of Bittern Thorn (The Fae of Bitter Thorn Book 1)

By Kay L. Moody

The deal: Elora will travel to Faerie to help Prince Brannick become the next High King. In return, he will give her wings to use at her discretion.

A Deal With The Elf King

By Elise Kova

The deal: Luella will marry the elf king, and her people (humans) will avoid war with the powerful elves. But is that really all there is to it?

Kingdom of the Wicked

By Kerri Maniscalco

The deal: Emilia is offered plenty of deals from the princes of hell in this one. I’ll let you read to see which bargain she chooses to agree to.

Briar Girls

By Rebecca Kim Wells

The deal: Lena will assist Miranda with her quest to wake a sleeping princess she believes to hold the key to liberating the Gather from its tyrannical rule, and Miranda will help break Lena’s debilitating curse.

Curse of the Wolf King

By Tessonja Odette

The deal: Gemma will help the Wolf King break the curse that plagues him and his pack. In turn, he will offer her employment, the means to achieve her freedom in a male-dominated society.

This book contains mature situations and moderate steam.

Iron and Ivy (Exiles of Eire Book 1)

By Brie Tart

The deal: Riona will heal a mother and unborn child after a car accident. In exchange, the mother will surrender the child when Riona comes to collect her.

Later on, Daire offers to help Maya escape Tir Na Nog, but only if she will help him unlock the power of the Key that will unlock the walls of Tir Na Nog.

This book contains mature themes such as abuse, themes surrounding mental illness (including schizophrenia, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts), violence, kidnapping, and death of a family member.

Torn (Breath of Fate Book 1)

By Angelina J. Steffort

The deal: Negotiations and bargains are common between the Lightbringers, b