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The Matchmaker & the Coven

E.V. Everest

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A matchmaking barista decides a mortal and a water nymph would be perfect together. What could go wrong?

A hundred realms converge in the Boundary. A place where magic and adventure flourish.

Teenage witch Mailey loves her job as a barista at the oldest coffeehouse in the Boundary. She serves every cup of coffee with a side of well-intentioned meddling. She just can't resist getting involved in her customer's personal lives!

When a water nymph is feeling down after a bad breakup, she is determined to set her up with her human classmate. Unfortunately, Mailey isn't the only one interested in this human. He's also attracted the attention of a nasty coven of witches.

All Mailey has to do is set up this unlikely couple and outsmart an entire coven. What could go wrong?


Witches, Magic, Realms, Lighthearted, Clean Romance Subplot, Portal, Seer, Water Nymph

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