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Summer Reading Challenge

YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts is hosting a Summer Reading Challenge! Meet fellow book lovers, share your reads, and win prizes! Readers will be split into teams, and along with individual prizes, one team will "win the house cup." It will be a lot of fun!

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May 1st - September 1st


You'll be sorted into a team and receive a free reading log printable!


  • For each YA SFF book you read, you can earn a point! All you have to do is leave a short review in the YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts Facebook Group and hashtag your team. Then, at the end of each month, fill out the reading form to get your official points and win prizes.

  • There will be opportunities for bonus points along the way for readers who pick up weekly theme challenges or play along in group games.

Paperback Prizes

Ebook Prizes

Audiobook Prizes

Hardcover Prizes

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