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13 Not-So-Spooky YA Reads for Fall 🍂

Updated: Nov 9

Happy fall season, YA readers! Every year, I compile a list of 13 not-so-spooky reads for my newsletter. This year, I'm sharing with everyone! So, grab a cozy blanket and take a look at these books-- forests, witches, bonfires, fairy tales, pumpkins, dark academia, and more await!

#1 Howl's Moving Castle

One of my all-time favorites! It has wizards, witches, and whimsy. (Check out the new UK covers on my photo above, total fangirl moment for me!)

#2 Darkest Part of the Forest

I love all of Holly Black's work that I've read so far! A forest on the edge of town, stories of monsters and fae, and a glass coffin.

#3 Sea Witch

I found this one haunting and atmospheric. Bonfires, witches, and a friend that may or may not be truly gone.

#4 Demon's Kiss

FREE! Magic, powerful blood, demons and Nephilim, romance.

#5 Hocus Pocus: Illustrated

For all you Hocus Pocus lovers! I had no idea this book existed until I started researching this list.

#6 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Special edition with paper pop outs and art! Witches and wizards, a whomping willow, family secrets, and paranormal creatures.

#7 A Study in Drowning

On my TBR. The cover is so cool. Dark academia. Sounds atmospheric.

#8 Matchmaker and the Coven

FREE! This one is mine. It reads younger YA, so it's a cute, cozy read you can share with your kids, nieces/nephews, puppy. A meddling teen witch, a seer, a nymph, and a coffee shop.

#9 A Wrinkle in Time

Another of my all-time favorites! A dark and stormy night, witches, a cozy attic bedroom with a dog to warm your feet.

#10 A Dark and Lovely Devastation

Faeries, fated mates, and Irish lore. An anti-hero MC that has some dark power rising inside her, and maybe a little bit of possession to spice it up. Takes place in October. (New Adult)

#11 Gilded

One of the most recommended in this year's Pumpkin Book Challenge. Ghosts, fall festivals, The Erlking.

#12 Welcome to the Fae Cafe

On my TBR! Cozy fall vibes. Plus fae. I'm in.

#13 Splintered

Alice in Wonderland fans in the house? Madness, dark fae, goth vibes, magic.


This article was written by E.V. Everest.

E.V. Everest is a YA fantasy and sci-fi author, best known for her Shadows & Starlight series. Check out more of her work by clicking any of the book covers below.

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