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Beautiful Kickstarters we cannot wait to back

Updated: Feb 7

Here I come again, persuading you it's time to raid your hoarde of book monies for these beautiful Kickstarters to get these luxe editions for your shelves.

What are Kickstarters? Well, Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform for creatives. Creators pull together project costs all the time, and writers are no exception. Every book costs time and money in terms of editing costs, cover art and purchasing the ISBN, which we don't mind, but there's often very little budget for the cool extras we long to stretch to like chapter header images and character art.

By Kickstarting a project, the creator can bring you the same great project made BETTER. As the Kickstarter progresses, creators often have an initial funding goal (the amount needed to push go on the project) and then stretch goals, for those juicy extras. Commissioning character art, more editions, better looking paperbacks and hardbacks... the list is endless.

But not only that, Kickstarter lets me get close to the creatives and lets me buy not just a book (like from any retailer), but all the cool extras. Signed paperbacks, sprayed edges, superb swag, I'm in bookish heaven! Creators put together their own packages, their own book boxes, if you will. And they can offer more than just physical rewards too, I've seen a short story in your favourite universe written just for you on offer!

A lot of these have limited edition or special edition runs, so when they are gone, they are GONE. Each entry here has a handy-dandy button to take you right to the campaign, so you can click "Notify me on launch." It's a free way to support these authors, as a follow costs nothing, and also makes sure you are the first to know when the campaigns go live!

How to be a Good Villain

This fabulously funny Kickstarter has it all - Special editions for a villain gets the guy, enemies to lovers slow-burn romance with fake dating, magic, and a dash of mayhem.

Running: Jan 15-Feb 29

Why I'm excited: Dalton's campaign is amazing and her updates are just the best. Go and check them out, it's a taste of what the book will be like!

Ivy and Bone

Ivy & Bone Luxe Hardcovers: Hades and Persephone, dark magic, witches, and a spicy fantasy romance—with stenciled edges and gold foil covers!

Running: March 1-16

Why I'm excited: I love me a Hades and Persephone retelling and these covers are just so lush!

Realm of Midnight

There's a bit of everything here - Fantasy romance, paranormal romance, reverse harem and fairytale retellings in four collector's edition hardcovers. If you can't choose between them, then this one is for you!

Running: until February 20th

Why I'm excited: Because I cannot choose and these look like deliciously steamy stories! Yes please!

Chronicles of the Dawnblade: epic fantasy adventure

Action packed and often funny progression fantasy novel series featuring one extremely reluctant hero - signed copies and more!

Running: Until February 15th

Why I'm excited: I love Nicholas' adventures and misadventures and I cannot wait for the next installment!

Fae and Crystal Thorns: Deluxe Signed Fantasy Hardcover

Signed dual omnibus hardcovers with foiled cases and sprayed edges. This complete fantasy series has adventure, romance, and magic!

Runs March 14 - April 5

Why I'm excited: I. Love. This. So much. I need it on my shelves, tout suite.

Dark Tides

Dive into dark tides, fae fantasy romance twisted with Scottish and Welsh legends. Choose either steamy and sweet editions to collect!

Runs: February 26th to March 9th.

Why I'm excited: Well, because it's mine ;) What I think is exciting and different is that there will be two versions to collect: sweet or steamy. Same great story, just that one is fade to black. Do you love star-crossed love stories with adventure and action? Mystery and myths spanning generations? Celtic legends brought to life in a new way by a USA Today Bestselling Author? And you want it swoony and sweet OR hot and spicy, and want to enjoy the story the way YOU like?

Then this campaign is for you!

The Erlingue Trilogy

Get ready for royal rivalries, wizened wizards, siblings teaming up against sinister magic, and an unimaginable darkness rising. The Erlingue trilogy is a complete YA epic fantasy series now with brand new artwork and luxury book boxes.

Why I'm excited: Um, book boxes? Yes please, sign me up!

In conclusion, I love directly supporting the creators making things that I love, and this platform has helped me get closer to them and the stories I love. How about you? Have you backed any Kickstarters? Which ones, and how excited are you for these? Be warned: Kickstarter is addictive! JoIn me!


This article was written by Becky James

Becky James is the author of The King's Swordsman series and the Dark Tides series; based in the UK, she has a deep love of the British countryside, canals, and all things fantasy; she devours anything that has magic, swords, good friends and good times.


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