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October New Releases: YA Reads to Satisfy Your Cravings for the Strange and Otherworldly

Dragons and secrets, faeries and magic, strange Halloween happenings, a dying world, a dystopian villain, a priest with a dragon hammer, demon hunters, a planned marriage in a world of ballgowns and danger…all in this list of October new releases in the YA sci-fi and fantasy genres!

Read on to discover these mystical tales (organized by release date).

October 1st

'In the light of hindsight, so much becomes clear.’ With Wulan as her new home, Mara struggles more than ever with the choices she has to make. Recent events have influenced her mood, and she is spiralling into a self-inflicted solitary existence, pushing even her inner-dragon away. How long will she manage to continue like this, and will her beast be kept dormant? In Castle Panadyr, the Lord-Magister readjusts to the new location, but his pleasure of this unexpected freedom is short-lived; visitors have found their way into Panadyr and as he gets to know them, disturbing visions tell him of an event that ties them all together. In the former realm of Queen Leyana, secrets bubble to the surface, and meddling with them will infuriate those who have carefully built their power. They will not release their grip on what they gained so easily, and what follows will affect the balance – all the way up to the new Chief of Wulan. Dragons. Humans. Visions. Secrets.

In Dragon Bond, Mara has more than one fight to win.

October 10th

By Allison Rose

Chaos descends upon the woods.

Kelty seeks to heal the unrest in the Court of Outcasts and find a way into Faerie. It’s time to rise to her full position of ruler, but first she must reconcile her court with Faerie and warn them of the dark magic Fable brought into their world.

Nola is adapting to her new body and life, but it is not what she expected—especially her relationship with Briar. And when Kelty gives her more responsibility within the court and old human friends show up, she just may crack under the pressure.

Allora is now a part of the Court of Outcasts after Fable leaves her behind. She seeks to lure Fable back by toying with the court, but when a familiar adversary appears in the woods, she is forced to confront her own past.

If Kelty and Nola fail to legitimize and establish the court, it may grow out of control—spelling disaster for the human world and the faerie outcasts in it.

In the stunning final installment of the Tales of an Outcast Faerie series, the paths of three faeries clash as they struggle to find peace in the aftermath of the conflict that brought them together.

October 11th

Delve into the mystery of the strange, small town of Olympic Vista, WA. October has arrived in Olympic Vista. Pumpkins decorate the doorsteps and the crisp autumn air carries a promise of Halloween treats, but the small town is never without a few tricks. When the copy centre Adelaide’s mother works at disappears overnight, Adelaide and her friends become determined to find out what really happened. And, as Halloween draws closer, children of all ages flock to Dizzy’s Halloween Emporium for “the best fright-ses for the lowest prices.” Will Adelaide and Darius be able to cohost another successful party? Or will the strange happenings of Olympic Vista prove to be more than they can handle? Costumes & Copiers is the third novella in the Olympic Vista Chronicles.

Pick up your copy today and join this motley group of friends as they journey into the strange!

October 12th

A dying planet. A mythical new world. Miranda struggles through each day in the Trash Lands, scraping for food and water, wishing she could blend into the sea of ash. The best part of her day is working a meaningless job in a place where people pretend she doesn’t exist.

Dismayed to learn her mother was right, Earth will get sucked into a black hole, Miranda must trust in skills she never knew she had to get to a place she refused to believe existed.

But when they learn the black hole is no natural phenomenon, Miranda can’t turn her back on the suffering of Earth, and saving it could cost more than she ever knew.

October 21st

"The most poisonous idea in the world is that there are good men, and evil men..."

The Forever Institute has fallen. Its founder, billionaire Charles Montgomery, is not happy. But smashed concrete and melted steel aren't his biggest problem.

Charles is responsible for changing the course of human evolution. Now he intends to correct things.

Two teenagers stand in his way. Set in the same world as A Girl From Forever, this dystopian novella delves into history to reveal the Forever Institute's mysterious owner, his reasons for founding the most powerful company in the world, and why he cannot allow Fern and Rehan to go free.

October 29th

By E.V. Everest

Betrayed and betrothed, the last heir to the Halt Family Council Seat must discover and hunt down the person who killed her family in this exciting continuation of the bestselling Bellaton Series.

Anabella Halt won the challenge and used her magical healing gift for the whole planet to see. She proved that she is no impostor. In one year, she will be ready to seize her family’s long vacant council seat. There’s only one problem…Ana faked the entire thing. She can’t heal a papercut.

Now, Adam’s father, the most powerful military man on the planet, suspects her secret. He’s willing to overlook it for a small favor—a marriage to his son and a strategic alliance. Ana wants to say no, until he offers to free her friend Samuel from prison. It’s an offer she can’t refuse.

But Ana has bigger plans. She will discover who hired her betrayer and hunt them down.

Only then will she be truly free.

Travel to a glittering, dangerous world with political alliances and ballgowns, perfect for fans of Cinder and The Hunger Games.

October 31st

by Paul Mouchet

Sweet 16 parties are not an option, when you're a priest of Titan.

Kit devastated by her friend's untimely journey, seeks comfort with her friends.

When a simple mission turns deadly, Kit depends on gifts bestowed upon her this very day.

Now, she finds herself in a position of authority, in an organization that she seeks to destroy.

Fortunately, she's got a shiny new dragon hammer at her disposal.

October 31st

Prequel to The Wraith's Bargain. War is coming.

The sleepy town of Fairview has had a demon problem for years... but most of the residents don't know that.

The only thing that has kept the demons at bay are a handful of teenagers—but now that a clan of demon hunters has come recruiting, they have the opportunity to join the Order of the Hunt and uncover all the secrets it has to offer.

The only problem? These kids aren't soldiers—and unless they can master themselves, Fairview will find itself overrun with demons.

A coward struggles with harnessing a great power. An ice queen must learn to trust in her emotions and lean on her strengths. A pacifist grapples with defending herself and others on the battlefield. An impulsive loner must forge himself into a leader, toeing the balance between dark and light as he prepares for war.

Before the Order found Dana, they had to find themselves. Read the prequel and see where it all started.


This article was written by Allison Rose.

Allison Rose writes YA fantasy featuring magic and otherworldly beings. Her current series feature a truly unique world of Faerie. Click the covers below to check them out.

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