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Top Five Places to Find Audiobooks

Audiobooks: The perfect companion for road trips, folding laundry, or just enjoying as your preferred way to read a book.

Audiobooks and Where to Find Them

I’ve been listening to audiobooks since they came on cassette tapes, and I’m not exaggerating when I say a certain audiobook saved my marriage on an ill-fated road trip through Texas. But even for a long-time audiobook lover, the new choices of where to download my audiobooks can be a bit daunting.

The previous standard of just hopping over to Audible to grab a book is fading away, not only because of how they treat authors and narrators (trust me, it’s messy), but also because better deals really can be found elsewhere.


Here are my top five choices for finding new audiobooks to enjoy.

1) Your Library!

Your local library is a great, author-friendly way to snag your new favorite listen. And gone are the days of getting a packet of sixteen cassette tapes. Now, checking out an audiobook can be done quickly and easily from your phone.

And the Libby App makes things even simpler.

“With Libby, you can borrow free ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines from your library. All you need is a library card.”

Great for authors. Free for readers. Libraries and Libby are hard to beat.

2) Chirp Audiobooks

The audiobook branch of BookBub, Chirp allows you to purchase titles at massive discounts. You have the option to choose your favorite categories and have recommendations of discounted audiobooks sent right to your inbox.

Rather not receive emails? You can also just browse through the site and see what catches your eye.

What I love most about Chirp is that there is no subscription involved. Just purchase what you want, and you’re done!

One (major) downside is that Chirp is currently only available to readers in the United States and Canada. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll expand soon!

3) Kobo

Did you know that you can include audiobooks in your Kobo Plus subscription?

Much like Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus is an all-you-can-read model. If you choose to include audiobooks in your Kobo Plus subscription, you’ll have access to over 100,000 audiobooks, and the list of included titles grows every day.

And, if a subscription isn’t right for you, you can also just purchase as you go through the Kobo store.

The best part? Kobo treats authors really well. So you can enjoy your audiobook while knowing you’re supporting the author community!

4) Spotify

A fairly new player on the field, Spotify has embraced the audiobook world in a huge way. Allowing readers to purchase and listen to audiobooks through its app, Spotify has created a streamlined experience for current users.

AND they’ve invested in bringing more audiobook fans to Spotify by giving Indie Authors a limited number of free download codes to share with readers. So, while Spotify is new to the world of audiobooks, their investment in bringing new readers to the platform gives me confidence in their long-term commitment to being a presence in the audiobook market.

Psst…I’m one of the authors they gave free download codes to. If you’re in the mood for a YA Fantasy, click here to request a free download code.

5) Apple Audiobooks

If you’re an iPhone user, this is probably the simplest audiobook platform for you to use. Purchasing is easy. Listening is easy.

What Apple Books lacks in author-driven promotions, discounts, and all-you-can-listen subscriptions, it makes up for with the simplicity of just pressing a button and moving on with listening to your book.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of all your non-Audible audiobook options. Barnes & Noble, Google Play,…the list goes on and on, but I hope I’ve given you a solid start as you decide where to browse for your next audiobook.

Happy listening!


Diving into trying a new audiobook platform? Don’t forget to check out the Summer Reading Challenge post so you can stock up on titles for the event!


This article was written by Megan O'Russell.

Megan O'Russell writes YA fantasy and dystopian novels that invite readers to escape into adventure. Whether you're looking to discover fantastic worlds with unlikely heroes or simply yearn for a humorous jaunt through a magical Manhattan, you'll find it all in Megan's twenty-eight novels spanning eight series. Click the covers below to learn more.

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